Why Airflow Is Important When You Vape

Vaping is known for having some great flavors and crazy clouds… Honestly, the amount of flavor and clouds you can get from vaping is pretty insane. Although, in case you didn’t know, you can actually control these factors by messing around with the airflow on your vape. By knowing how to properly use your airflow, you’ll be able to increase either the flavor or clouds coming out of your vape.

…But how exactly does your vape airflow work, what makes it so important? Well that’s simple, the airflow works by allowing some fresh air to flow over the coils to your mouth. This prevents your coils from overheating, as well as working as a neat way to control your vapor production and flavor! This is controlled by allowing either more or less air.

With a lot of vapes, you can usually find the airflow located near the tank. Most tanks actually have a ring that allows you to adjust the airflow as needed, although the design can vary with different tanks.

…To adjust the airflow on these, all you really have to do is twist the ring until you have your preferred airflow. There are also RDA’s that allow for a more personalized and custom airflow as well, though if you’re just starting out it might be better to hold off on these. 

Additionally, some devices tends to have no airflow, this typically will include e-cigarettes or “cig-a-likes”. These devices make for a tighter inhale, similar to the tight draw of a cigarette.

More airflow –open airflow on vape

First things first, let’s talk about using more airflow. To allow more air to enter your vape, all you need to do is open up your airflow – easy. Doing this should get you more vapor production and the big clouds you’re looking for. 

Also, the more airflow you use the cooler your vape will be. This means by opening up the airflow, you’ll can experience a smoother and cooler temp cloud. The air helps to bring down the temperature of your vapor, which also makes it easier on the throat and less “harsh”. It’s also a good way to loosen the draw, or inhale.

The downside? Usually, this can also cause your vape to put out less flavor and your clouds won’t taste as strong…

Less airflow –

Less vape airflow

Using less airflow, you might have a harder time trying to get those super big clouds. However, if awesome flavor is what you’re after, you might actually want to try lowering your airflow. Doing this will force the vapor out and cause less air to mix with your vapor, making your clouds much more flavorful…

This is probably the easiest way to increase your flavor output. Although, the vapor production usually isn’t as great, so you shouldn’t expect this to help make you some huge clouds. It’s a little bit of a balance thing – more flavor or more vapor production…

Additionally, as we said before, airflow helps to cool down your vapor. Having less of it means having less air pass over your coils and it’s probably safe to say you can expect your vapor to be warmer. This can result in more of a harsh throat hit, as well as a tighter draw. So yeah, balance is key…

Final Thoughts / Recommendations…

In all honesty, there is no perfect vape airflow that works for everyone. It’s really just a personal preference kind of thing… Although, by knowing how your airflow works, you’ll have an easier time getting the perfect vape airflow for YOU…

So, if you’re looking to boost your flavor game, it might help to close up that airflow just a bit… If you’re after some huge big daddy clouds though, maybe try cracking your airflow open just a bit more. Some people actually like to have the airflow somewhere in the middle in between opened and closed, this way they can get some good clouds and flavor!

You might even want to start playing around with the airflow until you find the “sweet spot” you’re looking for. Most tanks allow you to switch things up too, so if you’re looking to go cloud chasing one day and flavor chasing another day, you can make it happen with just a quick adjustment! These setups are usually great for their flexibility and their ability to offer a more unique experience for each individual.

It’s also recommended to see whether your tank has bottom or top airflow, as these can also provide different results… So, when you go to pick up your next tank, make sure to take a look at that airflow ring. This way you’ll be able to tell more about customization and airflow location.

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