How To Store Your Vape Juice and Why It Matters!

Many vapers will often have a few different types of e liquid. It’s hard not to have a collection, am I right! However, what do you do with the juice you’re not using? Is storing vape juice really important and is there really a proper way to do it? Learn exactly what to do and know what to avoid!

Full guide on how to store vape juice properly

Why Is Storing Your Vape Juice Important…

Vape juice has tons of different flavors! With so many different flavors, it’s easy to see how someone could find a few different personal favorites out of the bunch. Actually, many people will often try to save their favorite juices too. For new vapers, they might not think very much about the concept of storage.

Although, even though it can be easy to shelf your juice and forget about it, is this really the best way to store your vape juice? More importantly, why exactly does storing your vape juice matter anyway? What’s the big deal…

Reason Why Storing Vape Juice Matters

Well, it turns out that proper storage is very important. Especially if you plan on having a certain bottle of vape juice for a long period of time. This is because simply leaving your juice in a bad spot can cause it to degrade over time.

How does that cause it to degrade? Well, for one, it can cause your vape juice to expire much faster. This can change the flavor of your favorite e juice to something a little more unpleasant. Honestly, it can actually leave you with a completely different juice basically. And no, it’s usually not going to make it taste better at all…

How To Store Your Vape Juice Properly

Now, before you start overthinking it, you should know that storing vape juice is actually pretty easy. Basically, when it comes down to storing, there are a few ideal conditions you want to look for. As long as these conditions are met, your e liquids should be fine!

1. Store in Dark Places

One thing you should watch out for when you’re storing vape juice is excessive light, especially direct sunlight. It’s much better to find a darker place to store your e liquids. Why do you want to store your vape juice in the dark?

Well, excessive light exposure can cause vape juice to react in a less than favorable way. This is especially true for sunlight. The UV rays will usually cause a small reaction with the ingredients inside of the vape juice, but doubtfully in a way you’d like. Usually, this can results in the loss of flavor and color, among other things…

2. Store in Cool Places

Room temperature or mild cool temperatures work best for storing your e liquids! Luckily, it really shouldn’t be that hard for you to find a nice and cool spot! However, one thing you do not want to do is put your vape juice somewhere than gets warm or hot…

Higher temperatures can affect your liquids drastically if it’s given enough time. Normally, when exposed to heat, the ingredients inside of vape juice will begin to react and separate. This makes sense if you really think about it too.

Usually, heat will often cause molecules to have more energy. When vape juice is exposed to heat, the molecules within your liquid begin to get this energy. This can cause the ingredients to break down, separate, or just react in a bad way. This effect can really mess up the taste of your juices if you aren’t careful!

3. Keep Bottles Airtight

Keeping your bottles airtight is especially important for long term storage! Air exposure can alter your e liquids in a couple of different ways, most of which aren’t going to be pleasant. For example, the flavor and color might change if exposed for too long.

Another interesting thing that happens with air exposure, it has an oxidation effect on nicotine. When vape juice is exposed oxygen, it can cause a reaction with the nicotine and the production of cotinine. While it’s not exactly dangerous, it can alters the nicotine level of your juice…

However, even if your bottles are airtight, you can still run into this problem sometimes. This is because some bottles will have air trapped inside. For example, if you have a full bottle of juice and use half of it, then half of the bottle is now full of air. This isn’t a huge problem though, so long as the other steps are followed too!

4. Shake Your Vape Juice

Another thing you could try doing is giving your juices a good shake. While you’re storing vape juice, it’s helpful to pull them out at least once or twice a week to give them a good shaking. This will help prevent the ingredients from settling or separating.

What You Should Avoid Doing

How to properly store vape juice

If you really want your vape juice to last longer, the most important thing you should know is what to avoid! Basically, unless you really want to store your juice poorly, keep your juice away from these conditions.

• Sunlight

• Warmth

• Air Contact

As we mentioned above, these variables all affect vape juice in a negative way. However, you might be surprised to learn that another popular method of storage is also best to be avoided…

Freezing Your Vape Juice For Storage…

Storing vape juice in the freezer

If you look into it, you’ll find out that a lot of people talk about storing their liquids in a refrigerator or a freezer. Many believe that because these are both cold and dark, they should be great methods of storage. I mean, there’s no heat or light so it should work out fine right?

Well, not really. There are actually a few different reasons why you do not want to do this. One reason is because the ingredients inside of vape juice freeze at different temperatures. By allowing your liquids to freeze, it can cause the ingredients within to separate (much like how heat does).

Another reason you don’t want to let your vape juice get too cold is because it can mess with the consistency. The cooler vape juice gets, the more it begins to thicken and this changes the way the juice works with your devices. For example, your cotton won’t absorb juice as quickly.

Plastic vs. Glass Bottles For Storage

Storing vape juice in glass and plastic bottles.

If you set aside some vape juice for long-term storage, the differences between glass and plastic bottles become much more obvious. For long term storage, the best option is usually glass bottles with a darker tint. However, you might be wondering why this is the case…

Plastic bottles –

Let’s start by explaining storage with plastic bottles. If you’re storing vape juice in a plastic bottle, one thing you might notice is that your juice will start changing it’s color more quickly. As we mentioned above, this comes from oxidation. This happens when the nicotine is exposed to air and it’s because plastic is just a more breathable material than glass.

Using plastic bottles for long term storage can also lead to something called leeching and chemical interactions with the bottle itself. Not to mention, if given enough time, a plastic bottle will start to smell like the juice it’s holding. This could possibly make your bottle of juice seem tasty to any pets you might have in your house, as their nose is more sensitive to smell.

Glass bottles –

The best option for storing vape juice is to use glass bottles. Glass bottles are much better in storage for a variety of different reasons. One reason is because glass is more solid than plastic, which helps protect against air exposure. Also, it doesn’t contain chemicals that could potentially break down over a period of time like plastic does.

In fact, glass doesn’t really react with e liquid at all. Actually, glass bottles are pretty good at protecting e liquids from many of the environmental factors that might mess with your juice. Tons of people even feel that glass does a better job with helping to retain an liquid’s original flavor.

Like we’ve discussed above, UV light can break down the ingredients in vape juice and cause unwanted reactions to occur. Luckily, by using some glass bottles with a darker tint, you can also help protect your juices from UV light too!

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Final Thoughts on Storing Your Vape Juice

Now that you know how to properly store vape juice, you can keep your juices around much for much longer! Just remember that when you’re storing vape juice it’s important to keep them out of reach from children and pets. It doesn’t take a genius to realize a child proof lock isn’t exactly child proof!

When you’re storing vape juice, it’s also pretty important to make sure the conditions are just right too. Although, it shouldn’t be that hard to find that meets the requirements for storage. Some good places that usually meet these standards are high shelves, cabinets, even the basement if you have one available. Don’t forget to occasionally shake your e juices too!

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