SMOK Procolor 225W Kit Review: A Flashy Vape With Style!

For this review, we’ll be taking a look at the SMOK Procolor 225w kit! This vape was created with a unique design and some pretty cool features. For example, one thing that makes this mod stand out is it’s impressive ability to light up and change colors! That makes this, quite literally, one flashy vape! – Updated 2019

SMOK Procolor 225W Kit Review

Review: SMOK Procolor 225W Kit

With SMOK releasing the Procolor, it looks like you’ll no longer have to choose between whether you want power or style. Capable of going up to 225 watts, this device should fit the vaping needs of many different individuals. 

…And when it comes to design and appearance, the SMOK Procolor 225w kit doesn’t disappoint. One thing that makes this mod stands out is the signature shield design, on which the menu is displayed. This shield design also uses built in LED lights!

Because of this, you’ll find within the settings that you have the option to make your shield actually light up! Even better, you can change the color of the lights and even decide how and when it lights up!

Another great thing about this mod is the simple user interface. Having a big fire button on the side and two buttons on the front of the mod, it makes for easy navigation. Not to mention, the Procolor has a decent sized screen…

If you’re searching for a high-powered device with a little style, this might be exactly what you’re looking for. It even comes in a wide variety of different colors. This is the perfect vape for those that want something a little flashy (no pun intended).

SMOK Procolor 225w different colors

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What’s Included In The Smok Procolor Kit…

Alright, so we’ll get this review started by taking a closer look at the contents of the kit. The SMOK Procolor kit should come with several different items to help you start vaping. Opening up the box, you should be able to find the items listed below…

Review - SMOK Procolor Kit details

  • 01 x SMOK Procolor Mod
  • 1 x TFV8 Big Baby Tank
  • 01 x V8 Baby-Q2 0.4 ohm Dual Coil (Pre-installed)
  • 1 x V8 Baby-T8 0.15 ohm Octuple Coil (Extra)
  • 01 x Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 x Procolor User Manual
  • 01 x USB Cable
  • Spare Parts

Overall, the SMOK Procolor 225w kit is packaged pretty nicely. However, like most other starter kits, batteries do not come included. So basically, make sure you have a pair (2) of 18650 batteries ready…

SMOK Procolor Look & Feel

SMOK Procolor Mod Design

As you might already be able to tell, the SMOK Procolor mod looks amazing! One noticeable thing that makes this mod stand out is the shield design. The shield uses built in LED lights that give the Procolor the ability to light up. You can even customize the color!

Looking at the shield, you’ll find an easy to read menu and the Procolor settings. From here, you can customize the color of the lights and even the background itself. Not only can you choose the color, but also how and when it lights up. (ex. always on, flash, on when vaping)

The SMOK Procolor has a big fire button on the side that’s easy to grip, along with two additional buttons on the front. Having an easy to read menu, not to mention additional buttons, navigation feels more smooth and effortless. From within the menu, you can also find multiple power options.

Looking just below the screen you’ll find a micro-usb port that’s used for charging or updating firmware. Looking further, towards the bottom of the device, you’ll see a firm but easy to open latch that holds two 18650 batteries (not included in the kit). This allows for up to 225W of power…

The tank this starter kit comes with is the TFV8 Big Baby. This tank is actually pretty popular and for good reason. It’s well made! The TFV8 has several different coil options to choose from and is capable of holding up to 5 ml of juice at a time. The tank is filled from the top, with the airflow located near the bottom, just how we like it…

Smok procolor skins

Flavor and Cloud Quality

SMOK Procolor TFV8 Big Baby Tank

When it comes to vapor production and flavor, you can expect the TFV8 Big Baby to deliver with impressive results. Using the Big Baby, our clouds were always coming out with tons of flavor. Not to mention, this tank has a super smooth inhale that honestly left us surprised.

Don’t worry either, in case you were wondering this tank is capable of delivering some massive clouds. Usually, you can expect to have a slight trade off between vapor production and flavor. However, with the Procolor, we really didn’t seem to have that issue…

Using the Procolor, we we’re easily able to blow some massive clouds while at the same time retaining and preserving the flavors we love. Honestly, when it comes down to flavor and cloud quality, this device is pretty amazing!

The SMOK Procolor 225w kit comes with two coils for your tank as well. One of these coils is already pre-installed inside your tank. The second coil that’s included can be found inside a little bag. The pre-installed coil is the Q2 0.4 ohm with dual coils, the second is the T8 0.15 ohm with octuple coils!

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Power Options

The SMOK Procolor has 3 main modes, these are listed below and are pretty standard with most devices these days. Although, still… It’s nice to have options. To change the power modes, simply go into the Procolor settings. To access the settings, you simply click the fire button 3 times fast and this screen should appear…

SMOK Procolor Settings Explained

Wattage Mode In wattage mode, you have the ability to go between 6 and 225 watts of power! The resistance range for this mode is between 0.1 ohms and 3.0 ohms.

Temperature Control Mode This device allows for temperature control with stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. The temperature range is 200F to 600F and the resistance range is between 0.06 ohms and 3.0 ohms.

Memory Mode The Procolor also has the option for memory mode. Which usually isn’t used too often, but it’s still cool to have it!

Along with these options, the device has a pre-heat function as well. Also, you’ll probably notice the two buttons on the front of the SMOK Procolor mod. You can use these two buttons to raise or lower your wattage (or temp) from the home screen!


SMOK Procolor Portability and Durability

The SMOK Procolor honestly feels good in the hand. It has a comfortable design that feels easy to grip. It’s got a bit of bulkiness to it, but it’s pretty slim overall for a device that holds two batteries…

Sometimes though, it might have a little trouble fitting into things like small bags or tight pockets. Other than that, it’s usually pretty easy to carry around. Although, you might want to lock it if you put it in your pocket. (hey cool, that rhymes..)

Due to having a little bulkiness and two batteries, there is a bit of weight to this mod. For a device with this many features, it’s size is a bit understandable though. Not to mention, for a mod that lights up, the battery life is pretty amazing and can last days depending on use. You can take it on-the-go for hours!

Ease Of Use

Instructions for how to use the SMOK Procolor

The SMOK Procolor mod has some pretty easy to learn controls. The Procolor works by clicking the fire button and using the two front buttons to navigate. On the home screen, the wattage can be changed using the two front buttons as well. This mod can also be locked to prevent the fire button from going off in your pocket.

How To Use The Smok Procolor

The SMOK Procolor mod is pretty simple to use, especially when compared to some other mods out there. However, there still can be a bit of a learning curb at first. To help, we’ve actually included some basic instructions for how to navigate the SMOK Procolor settings…

Menu Navigation Clicking the fire button 3 times fast will allow access to the settings. Clicking the fire button from here will bring you to other device settings. Otherwise, the two front buttons allow you to change the settings and holding down the fire button will allow you to alternate between options on that screen.

Powering Off / On To power the device off, just click the fire button 3 times fast to access the settings. From here, you’ll want to keep clicking the fire button till you reach a screen that says “power off”. Once at this screen, simply use one of the front buttons to hover over the check mark icon, then hold down the fire button while over the check mark. To turn the Procolor back on, simply press the fire button 3 times fast…

Locking / Unlocking “Locking” is a useful feature for most devices. This stops you from accidentally pressing your fire button when you don’t mean to. Really handy for people that carry their vape in their pocket. To lock or unlock your vape, simply click the fire button 5 times fast…

LED Shield Light By far, one of the coolest features is the Procolor light shield! To access the settings for this, simply click the fire button 3 times fast and continue to click the fire button until you reach the screen that says “Led Settings”. From here, you can choose what color you want your vape to light up and how and when you want it to light up!

Overall Conclusion

SMOK Procolor 225w Review

Overall, the SMOK Procolor 225w kit was pretty sweet. Our team at Dankstarvapes thought it was a pretty bad-ass device…

Whether you’re just in it for the awesome power or the stylish design, this vape seems to have it all. With an impressive design, smooth navigation, and an amazing user interface the SMOK Procolor Kit gets a pass from our team at Dankstarvapes!

Although, it’s not just the design that impressed us when we think about it. The TFV8 Big Baby Tank is also another awesome addition to the SMOK Procolor kit. The way that baby hit was phenomenal. We we’re easily able to pull some juicy clouds by using this tank!

Not to mention, this mod lights up and can change ******* colors! Who could possibly dislike that? Not us, that’s for sure… Especially, due to the fact that battery life doesn’t seem to take much of a hit from this feature.

All in all, this is a great device that’s fun and simple to use. We really enjoyed using this, and can see other people falling in love with this kit too! If you think you might be interested in the SMOK Procolor 225w kit, definitely give it a look! You can actually check it out by clicking below…

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Thank you for checking out our SMOK Procolor Review! Feel free to share the post and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns… Let us hear them below!

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