Dry Herb Vaporizers

So, what exactly is a dry herb vaporizer. Well, that’s actually an easy one! A dry herb vaporizer is a vape device that’s used to vaporize dry herbs! These devices can come in many different shapes and sizes too. Not to mention, some of these vaporizers work very differently!

Some of you might also be asking yourselves “Well, what can you vaporize”? Actually, that depends on the vape you’re looking at. Some can only use dry herbs, while other devices can also use wax / concentrates too. Really, a few of these can even use regular ol’ vape juice! To see what you can use with each vape, simply clicking on one should tell you…

Convection vs Conduction

Convection based vaporizers heat your herbs more evenly and without combustion. This usually works by heating the air itself and not the material. This can make convection vapes a bit more efficient than other types of vaporizers as well. Not to mention, these types tend to give you the best flavor and taste too.

Conduction vaporizers work by heating your materials in a chamber where it is in direct contact with a heating element. These types of devices tend to produce a much thicker and denser vapor in comparison to some convection devices. While not as clean as convection, it definitely is better for producing more smoke.

Most dry herb vaporizers will either be conduction or convection types. As shown in the image above, this will let you know how your herb is being vaporized. To see what type of vaporizers these are, simply click on a vaporizer of your choice and it will let you know what type it is…