The Difference Between Portable and Desktop Vaporizers

What’s the difference between portable and desktop dry herb vaporizers? Is one of these devices really better than the other? How do these two truly compare to each other? If these are the questions you’re asking, then we have the answers!

Portable vs desktop vaporizers

Portable Vs Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers

Whoa there, are you still smoking your cannabis? These days, one of the best ways to consume and use your herb is to use a dry herb vaporizer. These are known to be one of the cleanest and most efficient ways to use cannabis, along with being one of the healthiest methods as well.

If you’ve ever seen dry herb vaporizers before then you might have noticed that there are two different kinds of these devices. We’re talking about portable and desktop dry herb vaporizers.

If you think these devices are pretty much the same thing, you should probably think again. These two devices can function in very different ways. For certain individuals, one option might be better than the other. Not to worry though, here we’ll be taking a closer look and explaining the difference between portable and desktop vaporizers…

The Difference Between Portable and Desktop Vaporizers

What exactly set’s these two devices apart? Well, the biggest difference between portable and desktop vaporizers should be pretty obvious. One of these devices is portable, while the other one isn’t…

Portable vaporizers can be taken on the go, so you’re able to use it wherever you want so long as you have the device charged up. However, desktop vaporizers are usually powered by more external means, like by a power outlet.

Another key difference is the convection vs conduction heating. Desktop vaporizers will tend to be convection most of the time, while most portable devices tend to utilize conduction heating. Although, this is not a set standard, so you may find exceptions to this rule.

What Is A Portable Vaporizer

Portable vaporizer benefits

When it comes down to it, portable vaporizers are the best option for those wanting to take their sessions on the go. With these types of vaporizers, location hardly matters so long as you got a decent charge. Just like a desktop, these are great for use at home too!

Most portable vaporizers will usually be conduction devices. However, there are some exceptions to this and you can find portable vaporizers that do use convection such as the Firefly 2 ( see image above ). Although, these are probably still not as powerful as their desktop buddies…

Although, unlike desktop devices, these tend to have a much quicker heat up time. So if you’re the impatient type or always finding yourself in a rush, this is probably the better choice. With desktop devices, you’ll be waiting a good minute before it’s ready to use.

Benefits of a Portable Vaporizer

These are some reasons you might want a portable dry herb vaporizer –

1. Discreet and StealthyThese vaporizers are small and discreet, especially when you put these next to desktop devices. Not to mention, compared to rolling up, it’s way more discreet and easier to hide.

2. Nice Personal DeviceTypically a great choice for those that want something quick and a little more personal. These aren’t really bad for groups, but desktop vapes usually have them beat in this regard.

3. Fast Heat Up Time Portable devices usually have a much faster heat-up time than desktop vaporizers. Most portable vaporizers will usually take around 15 – 45 seconds to heat up.

4. On the Go UsagePortable vaporizers are able to be used almost wherever you are because they take batteries. When those start to get low, just make sure you have some extras or bring a charger…

5. Pocket FriendlyAnother benefit is that portable vaporizers are… well, they’re portable! These devices are usually very easy to carry around and take places. A very pocket friendly option!

6. Has Better FlavorVaporizing your herbs in general allows for a much better flavor compared to when you smoke it. It also tends to be less “harsh”.

7. A Healthy Choice Vaporizing your herb in general is considered to be much healthier and much more efficient compared to smoking it.

Portable Vaporizer Disadvantages

Reasons why you might NOT want a portable dry herb vaporizer –

  • Fits smaller amounts of herb at a time.
  • Runs on batteries and needs to be charged up for use.
  • Usually these are not as powerful as their desktop counterparts.
  • Usually these don’t have as many features or add-ons like their desktop counterparts.

What Is A Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizer benefits

These devices tend to be bigger than portable vaporizers when it comes to size so they aren’t very portable. Plus they usually need to be plugged into a power source in order to operate. That makes these typically best for someone that wants to use a vaporizer around the house or office.

Typically these type of vaporizers will either come with a whip or bag. Although there are sometimes desktop vaporizers that will come with both of these attachments, like with the Arizer Extreme Q ( see image above ).

These devices also tend to have a more accurate temperature control settings, along with other features and add-ons. Not to mention, these tend to use convection heating for a completely even vaporization. This all allows for a more personalized and custom experience, usually that’s harder to achieve on a portable device.

Benefits of a Desktop Vaporizer

These are some reasons you might want a desktop dry herb vaporizer –

1. Solo or Group Use Typically, desktop vaporizers are known to be great for solo or group use. This is pretty much because of the reasons listed below. Not to mention, the attachments for these tend to make it easy to do either.

2. More Powerful These vaporizers tend to be more powerful than portable options, this is partly due to them having a direct power source. These also tend to have way more features and add-ons than portable options do.

3. Longer Sessions Desktop vaporizers are much better for longer vape sessions. This is pretty much due to these not having to rely on batteries. If you want to, you could use these guys for hours straight.

4. More Efficient Desktop vaporizers happen to be much more efficient than most portable options. Basically, this mean you’ll be getting a better extraction and more out of your herb with these devices.

5. Can Use More These devices can usually fit way more herb than portable vaporizers can. Obviously you don’t have to use more if you don’t want to, but you could if you wanted to. We shouldn’t even have to say why this can come in handy.

6. Has Better FlavorVaporizing your herbs in general allows for a much better flavor compared to when you smoke it. It also tends to be less “harsh”.

7. A Healthy Choice Vaporizing your herb in general is considered to be much healthier and much more efficient compared to smoking it. Because desktop vaporizers mainly use convection, this is thought to be especially true for them.

Desktop Vaporizer Disadvantages

Reasons why you might NOT want a desktop dry herb vaporizer –

  • Not usually very discreet, way more noticeable than portable options due to size.
  • Usually cannot be used without a nearby external power source. (ex. power outlet)
  • Has a slower heat up time compared to the portable options ( usually around 1 – 2 min )
  • These devices tend to be more pricey than most of the portable options.

Portable Vs Desktop Vaporizers: Which Is Better…

Vaporizing dry herbs with desktop or portable

If you’re trying to figure out which device is better, you should know that it’s all pretty much up to preference and really just depends on the user. In reality, there is no “better” device. Each one is special and works great in it’s own way.

Although, we will say that desktop vaporizers do tend to have a much better build quality compared to most portable devices. Another advantage is that these are usually much more efficient devices as well. Because of this, desktop devices often cost a little more…

However, that’s not to say portable vaporizers are bad at all. If you really want something you can use quickly and wherever you are, then you might honestly prefer a portable option. Some of the more advanced portable devices are often favored more than their desktop counterparts too.

Honestly, they both have their special moments, it all just depends on what you prefer. The main questions are – Do you want something just for home or something you can take on the go? Also, are you willing to trade portability for slightly better quality?

Both Options Are Better Alternatives To Smoking

One thing you should know is that both types of dry herb vaporizers can provide a healthy alternative to smoking. Many people might not consider this, but smoking cannabis also produces a small amount of toxic carcinogens. This is due to there still being smoke present in the lungs. However, there are significantly far less carcinogens with vaping due to it being smoke free.

First of all, vaporizing your herb means no smoke. This is because when you vaporize your herb, it doesn’t actually burn the plant material. Instead, these vaporizers heat up enough to pretty much cook off all the “cannabinoids“. At the end of the day, this is what you really want though.

Why do you want that? Well, these cannabinoids are actually what give cannabis users all the medical and psychoactive effects. In a nutshell, these “cannabinoids” are responsible for the high and all the health benefits you get from sparking up. So yeah, that is what you really want, not the plant matter that this stuff happens to be on because that does nothing for you…

Compared to smoking, dry herb vaporizers are much more efficient at extracting these cannabinoids. In fact, many of these are actually wasted when you light up, due to them being exposed to temperatures that are too high. By using vaporizers, you get a clean extraction that is more easily temp controlled. This makes sure to not waste any of those precious cannabinoids.

Portable or Desktop: Which Device Is Right For You

Choosing between portable or desktop vaporizer

When it comes down to it, you really want to get a dry herb vaporizer that fits with your specific lifestyle. One thing you should know, not every vaporizer is exactly the same. For example, some of these devices can take herbs and concentrates while others might just do herbs. Overall, it might be a good idea to check around and find out what’s right for you.

If you’re always smoking at home, it probably is best to get yourself a desktop dry herb vaporizer. This way, you’re getting the highest quality vapor you possibly can. Just be aware that the price might be a little higher than most portable devices. Although, if you have the money, definitely try to get your hand on one. These tend to be well worth it.

If you’re the type that maybe likes to roll up and take your smoking on the go, a portable dry herb vaporizer might just be better for you. They usually don’t have as quality of a build as desktop, but these are still a great choice for when your out and about or at home! Not to mention, these are still way better than the old blunts and bongs, just see for yourself!

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