How To Vape Without Coughing and Why It Happens…

Coughing while vaping, we’ve all seen it happen to someone. In fact, most of us have even went through it ourselves at one point in time. The real question is, why does this happen and how can you stop it? Finally, it’s time to learn how to vape without coughing your lungs up!

Learn how to vape without coughing

Coughing While Vaping: What’s The Deal…

Almost all of us have been there. You go to take a draw from your vape, only to start coughing your lungs out. Dealing with vape cough can sometimes mess up an experience or just be plain annoying. Believe it or not though, but this problem isn’t really that uncommon. Especially if you happen to be new to vaping…

Seriously, a lot of people that vape for the first time will often run into this problem. As a matter of a fact, there was a study done at one point using 600 that vape. This study showed that around 57% of the participants involved had coughed while trying to vape for the first time.

Tons of people that make the switch from smoking to vaping expect it to be a lot smoother. Because of this, most people don’t really expect to cough either. Yet, regardless, most people will probably start coughing when they try vaping the first time. It just happens and most people will adjust eventually…

Although, just because you might be an experienced vaper, that doesn’t mean you won’t cough while vaping. Vape cough doesn’t only strike those new to the vaping game. However, most of the time, beginners do tend to be affected the most.

So how exactly can you vape without coughing? Well, to figure that out, we first have to figure out the reason why you might be coughing. And as it turns out, there are actually a few different reasons why this might be happening…

What Causes You To Cough While Vaping…

If you’re trying to learn how to vape without coughing, it’s probably a good idea to start by looking at what causes vape cough in the first place. Each person is different, so just because something doesn’t make someone else you know cough, doesn’t mean it won’t make you start coughing. Below you can find a few different reasons why vaping might make you cough…

Vape Technique –

One way you might be able to vape without coughing is to change your vaping technique. This might sound a little dumb to those just starting out, but the problem might be the way you’re actually vaping and the amount of vapor you’re pulling off your device. These factors could have a lot to do with vape cough.

A lot of people that start vaping begin by inhaling into their mouth and then into their lungs. Usually, this isn’t the best technique for vaping. However for those that started out smoking and made the switch to vaping, it might be a little harder to break this natural habit.

PG & VG Ratio –

Some ingredients inside of vape juice can potentially irritate our bodies. The main ingredients that might be causing the problem are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Both of which can often cause dehydration, which might result in you getting a dry throat. This could potentially cause vape cough, as well as some other problems like vapers tongue. Not to mention, around 10% of the population is PG sensitive. One symptom of being PG sensitive is coughing and getting a sore throat while vaping PG liquid.

Nicotine levels –

Another really common issue that causes a harsh vape and fits of coughing is the nicotine level of your vape juice. The higher a nicotine level is, the more it might cause a slightly harsher throat hit and make you cough. The best way to find your ideal nicotine level is to start low and work your way up to whatever is comfortable. Also, different devices might have a different impact on your experience. So try to see what’s right for you!

Cilia Regrowth –

For those who might have recently quit smoking to pick up vaping, there might another reason for your coughing. This reason is specifically related to cilia regrowth. Cilia are hair-like formations that reside in the respiratory tract. Being a smoker though, cilia can get damaged. However, when one quits smoking and takes up vaping, it could cause the cilia to regrow. Many people that make the switch often blame this cilia regrowth for making them cough.

Why Does Vape Cough Hurt My Throat Sometimes?

Most people actually enjoy the slight tingle you get from smoking. In fact, a lot of vapers try to aim for that same feeling while vaping. This isn’t a bad feeling, and as it turns out, many vapers manage to get this throat tingle perfectly. However, taking this feeling too far will leave you with a sore throat and fits of coughing…

First off, one reason vaping might cause you to cough is due to dehydration. PG and VG, the main ingredients in vape juice, have a habit of attracting moisture. After a while of continuous use, your mouth and throat may begin to dry out. This can potentially cause you some irritation while vaping. Especially if you aren’t drinking water on occasion.

Another reason your throat might hurt from vaping is the nicotine level of your juice is too high. Having a nicotine strength that is too high can send you into a coughing spree pretty easily. To avoid this, simply start at a lower nicotine level and work your way up…

Other than that, there is the possibility that you might be PG sensitive. Those that are PG sensitive usually run into symptoms like sore throat and coughing very often while vaping. Although, this usually affects less that 1 out of 10 people…

Should You Be Worried About Vape Cough?

Honestly, not really. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with you. If anything, the fact that your lungs are able to detect the vapor as a foreign substance means you’re probably in good health. By looking at the facts, we know that two of the most common side effects from vaping are coughing and getting a sore throat. This just happens sometimes…

However, in most cases, these symptoms are very temporary and go away after a while. You simply need some time to adjust before seeing the symptoms fade.

How Long Until You Stop Coughing From Vaping?

Time it takes to vape without coughing

For most vapers, coughing when vaping is a temporary effect. With that being said, you can usually expect more than half of people to start coughing when they first vape. However, a little over 90% of the time, the coughing will stop if you give it some time.

For some people, it’s reported this could take as little as a week to stop coughing. For others, it might take a few months of vaping to get through it. However, if your vape cough does continue, then it might be a good idea to see a doctor just in case there might be some other issue…

Learning How To Vape Without Coughing…

how to inhale vape without coughing

If you want to stop coughing while vaping, you should start by figuring out what exactly might be causing the problem first. If you can manage to figure out the reason for your vape cough, it’ll be easier for you to avoid the issue altogether. 

Although, if you really need answers, there are a few things you might be able to do to stop the coughing faster. These might involve adjusting your liquid, device, or overall vaping technique itself. Don’t worry though, it’s nothing drastic and by making a few adjustments you should be able to vape without coughing.

1. Liquid

Alright so first, let’s start with your liquid. As we mentioned above, one thing that can cause you to cough is having a high nicotine level in your juice. To fix this, all you have to do is lower your nicotine level. To find your perfect nic level, try starting lower and working your way up till you find what’s comfortable.

Another issue with your vape juice might be the PG/VG ratio. Adjusting this may do the trick, many say that lowering your PG ratio will often help to eliminate coughing. 10% of people even tend to be PG sensitive. Also, don’t forget that both PG and VG happen to absorb moisture, so staying hydrated might even help too!

2. Device

When it comes to your device, it’s best to just experiment with it. If possible, try to find the best vape device for your personal needs. Once you have it, try things like adjusting the wattage and changing the tank. Another thing that helps is increasing the airflow so you get a more smoother hit when you vape.

3. Technique

Lastly, you want to work on the right vaping technique. Consider changing the speed of inhaling. It’s believed that slow inhales may lead to coughing as there’s not enough air for the coil of the e-cig. At the same time, according to users, slow exhales can reduce people reduce their coughing.

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2 Replies to “How To Vape Without Coughing and Why It Happens…”

  1. I smoked for a little over three years on and off(stopped for pregnancy). Saw that my O2 was at 88 (bad!). Stopped smoking that day and switched to vaping. High nicotine at first. Took about 2 months to stop wanting cigarettes and switching completely to vaping. A year and a half later I vape a 6mg pen and go without for 12 hour shifts and trips around town. No more bronchitis, shortness of breath, or stinky cigarrette smell. It works, just keep trying the vape and resist cigarettes those first few months of vaping. Way more effective than trying to quit cold turkey. Now, to go to no nicotine vaping might be my next step. Or just leaving my vape at home work!

  2. Simply not trying to take the same kind of hit you would when smoking will solve most of the issues with coughing. PG & VG are in far too many products to list so may not be an serious issue. I’ve found that if you just inhale a smaller quantity of vapor it can stop the coughing for most folks. It seems like smoking but does feel different!

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