Vapers Tongue: What Is It And 8 Ways To Fix It…

The Dreaded Vapers Tongue. Here, we’ll be taking a look at what exactly this condition is and what it’s caused by. If you already have this condition and your just looking to cure your vapers tongue, no worries! You can find a detailed list of methods below to help!

The causes and cures for vapers tongue

Vapers Tongue: What Is It & How To Fix It…

Vapers tongue is essentially a condition that makes it hard to taste the flavor of your E juice. Perhaps your favorite juices aren’t tasting quite as good as they used to? It might just be vapers tongue… Usually, vapers tongue causes an overall diminished sense of taste. This can cause you to experience a more bland and flavorless vape.

…Also sometimes called “vapers fatigue”, this condition will usually only last for about a couple days. In most cases, vapers tongue has very little to do with the actual vape device and more to do with us and our bodies.

While not being extremely common, it’s also not super uncommon to be affected by vapers tongue. There are a few different reasons why someone could have this condition, not to mention a few different ways one could fix this!

How Your Nose Might Cause Vapers Tongue…

First, let’s talk about what “olfactory fatigue” is. This is defined as “the temporary and normal inability to detect a particular odor, usually after prolonged exposure to that airborne compound”.

Basically, this means the longer you are exposed to an odor, the more your brain starts to forget that odor is even there. This also explains why some people have weird smelling houses, but they can’t seem to smell it themselves. Classic olfactory fatigue…

Usually, with consistent and routine vaping, olfactory fatigue can begin to set in over time. This is due to your nose getting used to the odor of the E juice your using. If your nose consistently detects a smell all the time, your brain will tell your nose to start ignoring that smell.

Why does this matter? Research into this subject shows that sense of smell also plays an important role in the perception of flavor. Without sense of smell, flavors can begin to taste “muted” or “dull”. Although, while not being the sole cause of vapors tongue, this usually tends to be a common cause of the condition.

What Else Might Cause Vapers Tongue?

Alright, so we know our nose has something to do with vapers tongue, but what else might cause this to happen? Well, as it turns out, there might be a few ways you can get the dreaded vapers tongue. These include the following…

How people get vapers tongue

Vaping The Same Flavor – If you’re always picking up that same juice to vape with everyday, chances are you might experience vapers tongue at some point. Your brain will start to block out flavors and smells if it’s constantly detecting them. However, this is simple to avoid, simply don’t always use the same flavor!

It’s always a good idea to have a few different flavors of E juice around. This way you can switch the flavors you’re vaping on every day or two instead of vaping on one flavor all day, everyday. Doing that, your brain is bound to catch on…

Dehydration / Dry Mouth – Some people often feel like there is a thin film or layer over their tongue when they are experiencing vapers tongue. (This is probably where the name came from…) This layer on the tongue often feels like it prevents you from being able to taste.

If this is the case, you may want to hydrate more. As it turns out, vapor absorbs moisture from the surrounding air. This means while you’re vaping, moisture is being absorbed from your mouth, leaving behind a film or layer that seems to prevent taste. So keep a water bottle nearby!

Sickness / Blocked Nose – We’ve talked about how the nose can effect taste. When someone has the cold or flu, they can temporarily experience a blocked or “stuffy” nose. This can result in more muted flavors, and not just for E juice. People who are sick often go through this with food and drinks too.

Damaged Taste Buds – Another possible cause may be damaged taste buds. There are many reasons this could happen, although it’s rarely ever permanent and heals over time. Things like smoking, burns, something really sour and spicy foods can damage your taste buds. So maybe take it easy on the hot sauce champ…

How To Fix or “Cure” Vapers Tongue…

Finally, we can move on to the good stuff. You know how to avoid it, but how do you get rid of vapers tongue if you already have it? Honestly, there are a few different ways you might be able to do this…

Just below you’ll find some of the best ways you can cure vapers tongue. That way you can finally get back to the flavors you love!

How to fix vapers tongue fast and easy

1. Smelling Coffee Grounds

While this might sound odd to some people, especially as a “cure for vapers fatigue“, this same method is often used by wine tasters and at perfume samplings to help distinguish taste and flavor.

The method is pretty simple, and honestly pretty enjoyable if you love coffee! Just take some fresh coffee beans, get those things ground up, and simply smell the aroma for a few moments! Many vapers often claim that this helps to fix vapers tongue

A study suggests that this is because one of the 28 “odorants” contained in a coffee molecule can remove the original “odorants” responsible for your olfactory fatigue. Basically resetting and refreshing your senses!

2. Using a Menthol Flavor

Not a big fan of coffee? Well, how about menthol? There are tons of menthol options for E juice. Many vapers will often have a menthol flavor in their collection of juices specifically for vapers tongue too!

Menthol juices usually have a strong taste, even with vapers fatigue you can usually taste the flavor. Many even say it seems to revive your sense of taste. Not to mention, a lot of these flavors taste really good. Even if you don’t like menthol cigarettes, these are definitely worth a shot!

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3. Water Mouth Rinse

This option is really simple. All you need is some water! Just take the water, swish it around in your mouth, and spit it out. This will loosen up any leftover residue left on the surface of your tongue. You’ll get better results by repeating this process a few times.

Although, it’s best to not use cold water. This could possibly just numb your tongue further. If you really want this to be effective, use room temperature or warm water.

4. Brushing Teeth / Mouthwash

Having good oral hygiene is important. Many are skeptical as to if this helps cure vapers tongue, but either way it’s nice to have a clean mouth and worth a few moments even if it doesn’t help… It might though.

Brush your tongue as well, this way you might remove any leftover residue that might be preventing taste. There are lots of vapers that claim mouthwash helps as well, although there are some people that blame mouthwash for causing vapers tongue… 

5. Sucking Lemons

When life gives you lemons, you suck on them… Okay, so this one might sound rather strange, but some individuals believe that you can shock your taste buds back to life by sucking on a lemon.

Seems like it’s worth a shot, especially if you have a taste for lemons! Although, you probably shouldn’t overdue it or it might just damage your taste buds further…

6. Switch Flavors

As stated above, vaping the same flavor all the time will lead to vapers tongue. Even if you really like a certain flavor, you should take a break from it for a few days. This will allow your senses to forget about it. The next time you vape your favorite juice, it will be more flavorful to your senses.

This will also allow you to finally give some other flavors a chance! There are tons of different juices you can add to your collection. Not only is it nice to have variety, but you’ll also be fighting vapers tongue!

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7. Hydrate More

Again, we already went over this above but we’ll do a quick recap anyway, it’s good to stay hydrated and drink water. Dehydration is another factor of vapers fatigue that is actually pretty common.

If you think you aren’t drinking enough water, you probably aren’t. Drinking more water will cleanse your palate and help keep your taste buds nice and healthy!

8. Take A Break

No one probably wants to hear this, but if your taste buds are just too damaged to taste, this might just be the best option to cure vapers tongue. They need time to heal. It’ll usually take around two weeks for taste buds to heal and taking a break might also speed up the healing process.

If you’ve tried everything, maybe taking a break and starting again after a few days or weeks wouldn’t hurt. It might even be just what you needed to kiss the dreaded vapers tongue goodbye…

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5 Replies to “Vapers Tongue: What Is It And 8 Ways To Fix It…”

  1. I used to get vapers tongue a lot and it was NOT fun. These are pretty good tips, seems like its really helpful info. Never even heard of the lemon trick either haha, I should try it.

      1. It worked for me. I tried it by getting a lemon slice and biting into a couple. And swishing my mouth with water too. Didn’t overdue it either, flavor came back. I would also prob say brushing the tongue a little after might help more.

  2. Unfortunately my flavors are not only simply muted. I can’t taste the juice at all but everything has a terrible burned taste – almost like a dry hit. I changed the coil, I rewicked the RTA and the dripper, I cleaned the atomizers, I bought a fresh menthol mouthwash, I sucked on lemons, I bought a tongue scraper, I stick my nose into a bag of freshly grounded coffee beans every hour, I drank (and still drink) water, lots of it…and still – since three days all my vapes taste burned. I’m desperate. Because I’m only vaping since about 8 weeks. I was a chain smoker…almost…and I became a chain vaper…again, almost. I cannot take a break. Impossible. I will go back to cigarettes. It’s terrible and I know it. But I’m helpless, I don’t know what to do. Right now I’m vaping on pure VG/PG with a nicotine shot. No flavor at all (can’t taste it anyway). But it tastes so burned. I can only take one or two draws every hour or so…

    1. It could be possible that you just need to adjust the temp settings you’re using on your device. Like me on a Saturday, your settings might be too high…
      Another cause could be that you might not be priming your coils properly before firing them off, which would burn the cotton before you even started vaping. You have to make sure your cotton is saturated all the way. If all else fails, maybe try experimenting with other devices to see if you have the same issue.

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