Will CBD Make You Fail A Drug Test?

With CBD quickly becoming so popular, many are curious and want to try it out for themselves. Although, some people often tend to wonder… will CBD make me fail a drug test? For some, this is something that might be very important to know. No worries, here we’ll explain everything in detail!

Is there a CBD drug test

Will CBD Make You Fail A Drug Test…

The CBD industry is growing fast and people are excited! Recently, many people have been looking into CBD or even looking to give it a try. With so many benefits and different ways to use it, why wouldn’t you consider giving this stuff a shot?

Well, there is one reason. Some people don’t want to give CBD a shot for fear of failing a drug test. Because this happens to come from cannabis and hemp plants, many are wary of taking CBD thinking they will test positive for cannabis use.

Whether this be for employment or legal reasons, it doesn’t really matter. Those are questions we don’t really need to ask. The real question is, can CBD make you fail a drug test? Here, we find out the facts…

Is CBD Legal To Use?

First of all, we should ask one of the more important questions. Is it even legal to use CBD in the first place? The answer to this question can often be complicated. Truthfully, depending on where you live and what kind of CBD you have, it could be yes and no…

Honestly, just to be safe we recommend you double check your local state law. See if there are any special restrictions regarding CBD in your area.

For CBD that is derived from hemp, it happens to be legal in all 50 states. So if this is what you have, then your answer should be pretty straightforward. Pretty much everywhere in the US, it’s legal to use hemp-derived CBD.

However, for CBD that is derived from marijuana, it tends to only be legal in states that allow for recreational use. As of March 2019, this type of CBD is still considered to be federally illegal…

Can Drug Tests Really Work For CBD?

Drug testing for CBD

Alright, hear us out. CBD is just one of around 400 chemical compounds that is found in cannabis and hemp plants. Basically, there’s a bunch of different compounds (also called cannabinoids) in these plants, one of which can also include THC. When you use cannabis, you’re pretty much allowing both CBD and THC to enter into you’re system.

Really, drug tests don’t even have the ability to test for CBD though. The chemical compound that they do test for is the THC. This compound (THC) is the one responsible for you getting that super baked feeling my dude. Because it has this effect, this compound tends to be what drug tests are looking for…

Unlike THC, the CBD cannabinoid is not considered to be psychoactive though. What does that mean? Basically, it means that CBD itself doesn’t get you high. Because of this, it is not typically tested for. Which is a good thing because this compound can be isolated and then used by itself, so you can get the health benefits of cannabis without the high of THC.

Depending On How You Use CBD, Can You Fail A Drug Test?

Can you use CBD before a drug test

Are you thinking about giving CBD a shot? There are actually a few ways this cannabinoid can be used. However, depending on how you’re using CBD, this could make a difference in whether your drug test will turn up positive or negative…

For example, if you’re using a high CBD strain of cannabis, you should probably expect that to still have some significant amount of THC within it. This is still cannabis after all, only with a higher CBD content that most strains. Using this stuff, it will most likely cause you to fail a drug test if you’re then tested for cannabis.

On the other hand, if you’re using CBD products (such as vape juice, lotion, or gummies) then you might stand a good chance at passing no problem. These usually are no concern at all, so long as you have chosen a brand that you know doesn’t contain THC. Usually, most companies will state whether this is the case, but some have been known to lie. So seriously, make sure to choose a well trusted brand!

My CBD Products Contain THC, Will I Fail A Drug Test?

It’s always important to check and see what kind CBD products you might have. Sometimes, there are CBD products that do contain trace amounts of THC. This doesn’t mean a brand is bad either, because some companies do this on purpose and the combo tends to work great. However, this small amount might be something to be concerned about if you’re drug testing…

Often, these trace amounts are thought to be small enough to not give a positive test. So some people have claimed to use these and test clean. However, there have been cases where people have failed drug tests due to using CBD that contained small amounts of THC.

If you want to use CBD without the risk of failing a drug test, make sure to go with a trusted brand that you know to have zero THC and be derived from hemp. For brands that do contain trace amounts of THC, there’s always the risk of possibility giving a dirty test…

Beware Of Sketchy CBD Brands If You’re Drug Testing…

One problem with the CBD industry is the rise of sketchy CBD brands. With so many different CBD brands popping up, you should know that not all of them have been known to produce high quality CBD products. In fact, some of the products you can find on the market these days seem pretty questionable.

This is pretty much due to the industry being unregulated. This allows these brands to get away with more. Looking around, you’ll find stories about companies trying to trick their consumers by adding other ingredients to their CBD. If this happens, you honestly don’t know what your getting when you buy CBD.

Basically, we recommend you steer clear of getting any CBD brand until you’ve done some research and have found a trusted company. Some of these less trusted brands might actually make you fail a drug test. A lot of companies out there aren’t bad either, just don’t get fooled by the ones that are!

Final Thoughts: Will CBD Make You Fail A Drug Test?

Drug test for hemp derived CBD

To make a long story short, no. If you take CBD by itself, it will not make you fail a drug test. It’s not even typically tested for in the first place. When screening for cannabis use, THC is what drug tests tend to look for. This cannabinoid comes from cannabis, similar to CBD. Yet, it’s not at all the same thing…

On the other hand, there is CBD available with trace amounts of THC in it. For CBD like this, it does have the potential to make you fail. If you really want to make sure you pass a drug test, the CBD you are using should be THC-free and hemp-derived. Make sure to double check.

Most importantly, watch out for really sketchy brands. Not only do these have the potential to make you fail a drug test, but they sometimes have some really bad ingredients inside them. We recommend you do some looking to find a trusted CBD brand you can count on!

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