Can Vape Juice Expire: What You Need To Know!

Many of us have wondered, can my vape juice expire? How can you even tell if it does..? Is expired vape juice dangerous to vape..? Well, no need to worry, you should find everything you need to know about your expired vape juice here!

Does vape juice expire?

Wait… Can Vape Juice Really Expire?

Okay, so let’s set the scene. There you are, you’re in a great mood and want to vape a little bit. You want something good to vape on though. It’s a nice day so you decide to go and get that one bottle of e juice that you’ve been saving for a while.

You can remember saving about half of this bottle. It was just so good that you didn’t want to waste it too quickly. After priming your coil, you go to take a nice long draw. Inhaling it, you invite the flavor to overtake your senses and take you away to flavorland…

BAM, it taste terrible. Nothing like you remember. Even the smell seems different that you remember. What could have happened, you remember the taste and flavor used to be amazing! Maybe your memory is off..? Then it hits you and you think to yourself…

…Can vape juice expire? To answer this question, yes it can. Although, before you go throwing all your e liquid away, there are some things you should probably know first.

Why Does Vape Juice Expire?

Well, now you know that vape juice can go bad.. But wait, how does that even happen? Well, it’s because vape juice is made from ingredients that don’t last forever sadly. Usually, e juice will last only as long as the first ingredient to expire. That will usually happen about two years from when it was manufactured.

Looking at expired vape juice

However, vape juice doesn’t usually go bad in the same way that food might go bad. Most e liquid will usually last a long time. This is because vape juice tends to be very shelf-stable. Over time, it might turn brown or change color. This might happen and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has expired.

Although, there are things that make vape juice expire faster.. Things like heat, direct sunlight, and oxygen should be avoided if you want your e juice to really last longer. It’s recommended to securely store your e-liquid in a dry and cool place. Proper storage will help your favorite juices to last as long as they can.

Some e liquid bottles will have an expiration date on them and some won’t. Usually, when it comes to any “Best by” and “expires on” labels, it’s left to the manufacturer to put it on and some don’t. Although, they aren’t required too. However, if you can’t find the expiration date of your e liquid, how are you supposed to know if your dealing with expired vape juice or not…

How To Tell If Your Vape Juice Is Expired

Usually, the ingredients in e liquid will last about 2 years if the juice is properly taken care of. However, there might be times when you have a juice for a while and you’ll wonder. Sometimes you won’t see an expiration date though and that’s okay…

Other than looking at the expiration date on the bottle, there are a few tricks someone can use to help decide whether their bottle is expired or not. By using the following information, you should have an easier time finding out if your vape juice has expired!

1. The Taste Of The Juice Will Be Off

One thing that can happen when vape juice expires is the taste can warp and change, sometimes drastically. If your e liquid starts to taste like trash or seems completely different, then it might have just expired. Flavor might also begin to disappear as well. Although, this probably varies with different types of vape juices and flavors…

2. The Vape Juice Will Smell Different

Usually, with most e liquids, you can expect them to always smell like the flavor they’re supposed to be. However, with expired vape juice, the smell might be a lot different than before. Sometimes the smell can warp and change or even just fade away. Like the first method, this probably varies with each different flavor…

3. Vape Juice Is Changing Colors

Another thing about expired vape juice is that it sometimes has a habit of changing colors. As we said before, usually a slight color change will be fine. This step is mainly more successful if used with the other steps to draw a conclusion. However, if there is a serious change in color, then that might be something to check out…

4. The Thickness Starts Changing

When an e juice is expired, most of the time the juice will start to change its consistency. This can usually be a pretty good sign if you pay attention. What usually happens is that thick e liquid will start to thin out over time. For e liquid that is already thin, it will start to thicken up when it expires…

5. E Liquid Is Starting To Separate

The last thing to look for when dealing with expired e liquid is separation. This happens when the ingredients start to settle within the vape juice. For some juices though, separation is perfectly fine. However, you know you got a problem if you give the bottle a good couple shakes and it’s still separating… then it might be expired.

Is It Bad To Vape Expired E-Juice?

Doing some research, we couldn’t find anything to suggest that vaping expired e liquid is dangerous. The expiration date on vape juice is usually just a recommendation from the manufacturer. Your juice just doesn’t automatically become dangerous the day it expires. That’s just not how it works.

However given all the reasons listed above, we aren’t sure why anyone would want to use expired vape juice for long. The juice can become pretty gross to vape after a while. Although, research does suggest that it isn’t really dangerous…

Extending The Shelf Life Of Vape Juice…

Alright, so you know that vape juice can expire with a year or two. Is there anything you can do to make them last longer? Well, actually there are a few simple ways to keep your vape juice around a little longer. Below, you can see the two main ways to extend the shelf life of your vape juice….

• Practice Proper Storage –

Now this might seem pretty simple and some people might shrug this off. However, if you want your juice to last a long time, one of the most important things to practice is proper storage. It’s important you store your vape juice in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight.

• Keep It Away From Heat –

Now we said you want to keep your e juice decently cool and out of sunlight, but really you want to avoid heat in general. Heat can make the ingredients within vape juice break down faster, thus making it expire faster. Not to mention, this can change the consistency and flavor of some juices. So next time it’s hot out, maybe don’t leave the vape juice in the car…

• Make Sure It’s Airtight –

Before you get carried away trying to practice proper storage, you should always make sure your e juices are sealed airtight. This is because nicotine seems to react with oxygen in an unfavorable way. Leaving your vape juice exposed to air can lead to the nicotine disappearing over time. To stop this, just make sure your liquid is sealed up before you put it away!

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