Beginners Guide To Dry Herb Vaporizers: Top 10 Included!

New to dry herb vaping and want some more information? Maybe you’re a beginner looking for a dry herb vaporizer to get you started? Either way, if this is you then you’re in the right place. With this guide, even a complete beginner can find what they need!

Choosing A Beginner Dry Herb Vaporizer

Beginners Guide To Dry Herb Vaporizers…

Are you thinking about getting yourself a dry herb vaporizer? Maybe it’s your first device and you’re wondering what option would be perfect for you and your needs. Maybe you just want something basic to get your feet wet, or maybe you want a device with a little more power. 

For a beginner that’s just starting out, it can be a little hard choosing your first dry herb vaporizer…

That’s why we made this guide, to help make it easier on you. Here you’ll find some basic information to help you get started and choose the perfect dry herb vape you want. We’ll also be going over a list containing 10 of the best dry herb vaporizers for beginners. Most of these can be used very easily with little to no learning curve!

Why Should You Get A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

So you probably already know what a dry herb vaporizer does, but why would you really want one? Well, it’s actually better than smoking your herb for several reasons. Compared to smoking, a dry herb vaporizer is healthier, taste better, is more discreet, makes you cough less, and even get’s you higher with less flower…

After using a dry herb vaporizer, you’ll pretty much forget about blunts, joints, and bongs. You honestly won’t want to go back to smoking unless you really have to, trust me. With so many advantages to using a vaporizer, you’re just kind of missing out if you don’t own one.

Convection & Conduction – What’s It Mean?

As a beginner, there are some things you might wonder about. For example, one might be what the difference between convection vs conduction vaporizers is. If you’re starting out, these might seem like big words, but don’t stress it. This just basically tells you how your herb is going to be heated.

Using a convection vaporizer, hot air will pass through your herb. The heat source never actually comes in direct contact with your herb. Think of it kind of like an oven or a microwave.

With a conduction vaporizer though, the herb is in direct contact with the heat source. Think of it more like a stove top or grill. 

Conduction and convection dry herbs vaporizer

Keeping it short, that pretty much sums up what the difference between convection and conduction is. There are different pros and cons to each type of device too though. However in the end, it’s really up to personal preference as to what someone should go with…

Portable & Desktop Vaporizers: The Real Difference

If you’re a beginner, then you might not realize that there is a difference between portable and desktop dry herb vaporizers. To help you understand more, here’s just a few of the differences between portable and desktop dry herb vaporizers.

(A) Portable – These vaporizers are great for taking on the go. They use batteries and can be recharged, so you can take them almost anywhere. Generally, these devices are more affordable than desktop dry herb vaporizers…

Portable vaporizers usually produce smaller, yet more stealthy clouds. These are always great for going solo, and are perfect for someone who likes a quick smoke session.

(B) Desktop – These vaporizers are great if you’re chilling out at home. They plug-in so they don’t need to be recharged, although you do need an outlet nearby. Generally, these devices are more pricey than portable dry herb vaporizers…

Desktop vaporizers usually produce denser and bigger plumes of smoke. These are great for groups or going solo, and are perfect for those that like longer smoke sessions.

Top 10 Best Beginner Dry Herb Vaporizers

Alright so jumping right into it, we’ve put together a list containing the 10 best vaporizers for a beginner to use. Don’t worry either, this list has a little something for everyone. Whether you want something cheap and reliable, or something top of the line and durable, we’ve got you covered!

Each device on this list was chosen mainly because we believe they would easily work in the hands of a beginner with very little confusion. We wanted to also make sure we put quality devices on here that work great, vaporizers that people will love for a long time.

Most of these vaporizers are pretty inexpensive too. The list begins with some of the more inexpensive vaporizers near the top. As the list progresses, the devices will start to get more better and more advanced. This list contains portable vaporizers, as well as a few desktop vaporizers too! (Prices updated 2/3/19)

10. The Penguin Vaporizer

An inexpensive dry herb vaporizer.

A Low-Budget Beginner Dry Herb Vaporizer. Great For Those Trying Save Some Dough…

If you’re not looking to spend a whole lot of cash, the Penguin is a great option. This vaporizer is the cheapest on our list and great for those that want to keep their wallets happy too. It’s a pretty short, portable, and discreet device. It got it’s cute little name from the emperor penguin because of how it’s designed and shaped.

This device uses conduction and is pretty easy to operate. It’s got 5 different temperature settings as well. It’s a pretty reliable vape that will last a long time if properly taken care of too, much like most of the other vaporizers on this list. Only this one goes for a really low price…

If you’re just trying to get a good beginner dry herb vaporizer to test the waters, then the penguin is the perfect beginner dry herb vaporizer for you! While it may not be the most advanced device, it certainly gets the job done! The Penguin a great option for the beginner that wants something reliable at a cheap price!

9. The Black Mamba Vaporizer

A sleek starter dry herb vaporizer

An Awesome Vaporizer For A Beginner, Has A Bit More To Offer…

The Black Mamba dry herb vaporizer comes next on our list. This slick device is also really portable and discreet, while still being very inexpensive compared to most other options. The Black Mamba is super easy to use too, even a total beginner would have no problem using it. It uses a one button operation system so things are kept really simple…

The stylish Black Mamba uses conduction to vaporize its herbs. It has a pretty smooth draw, producing vapor that comes out tasting pretty clean. With an extremely fast heat up too, so you can start smoking quick when you need to. No waiting around for the device to warm up!

This dry herb vaporizer has 5 different temp settings to choose from. Compared to our last option, this vaporizer’s battery will last you a little longer per charge too. Really, we chose this vaporizer because of how easy it is to use and because of it’s reliability. Without being too expensive, it offers beginners a chance to get a little more than just their feet wet.

8. The Flowermate V5.0s Pro

A decent beginner dry herb vaporizer

A Pretty Good Beginner Dry Herb Vaporizer For Herbs & Concentrates…

If you’re looking for something with a just a little bit more freedom, then you might want to check out the Flowermate V5. This is a great dry herb vaporizer for a beginner because it’s pretty easy to use. It’s discreet too, making it a great vaporizer for those that don’t want the attention. A lot of people just think it looks like a power bank charger!

Using conduction, one of the ways this device offers a bit more freedom is by allowing it’s users to vape on herbs or concentrates (such as wax). Not to mention, instead of giving you pre-set temps, it allows you to set a custom temp yourself. This is all complimented by a pretty fast heat up too…

The actual vapor it produces feels decently smooth and taste clean. The battery life per charge though, is amazing on this one (about double the black mamba). Great choice if you’re a beginner that wants a little more features with your dry herb vaporizer. Although, with it’s design, it’s probably best to take good care of this device.

7. The Boundless CF Vaporizer

Hybrid dry herb vaporizers for a beginner

Highly Recommended and High Quality Dry Herb Vaporizer. A Real BEAST!

Coming up next on our list is the Boundless CF, a highly recommended vaporizer that goes for a great price. This clean looking device has a very user friendly design that’s easy to use. This vaporizer is great for those that want something portable and discreet, but also powerful and high quality…

The Boundless CF is a hybrid device, so it uses both convection and conduction to ensure you get a clean and tasty hit with every draw. The initial heat up time of this vaporizer is super quick. Plus, the CF can vaporize dry herbs and concentrates.

The vapor quality is amazing and extremely consistent with the CF. It has an incredible taste it brings out in your herb that feels smooth and tasty, especially using some of the lower temp settings. We should also mention we found it pretty easy to pull some dense, thick clouds off this device.

When it comes to using the controls, this device uses a one button operation. This actually makes it pretty straightforward and easy to figure out. For the temperate settings, you can adjust this device to 5 different preset temps.

Another cool thing about the Boundless CF is it’s “stealth mode” feature. When active, this turns the lights of the device off. This is great if you’re vaping at night and don’t want people to really notice you…

Overall, this device is pretty powerful and is extremely easy to maintain as well. It has a pretty decent battery life too. In total, everything about this vaporizer seems perfect, especially for someone who might just be starting out.

6. The Arizer Air Vaporizer

Quality beginner dry herb vaporizer

A Vaporizer That’s Low Maintenance and Durable, But Super High Quality…

Next on our list is one of our favorites, the popular Arizer Air. This dry herb vaporizer functions like a high end device, except it’s super simple to use! It’s got a slim design that looks really amazing and it easily fits in your pocket. Plus, you can also get different accessories for the Arizer Air too…

One thing about the Arizer Air is that it’s a hybrid device, which means it uses both convection and conduction. This combo ensures you get one of the best experiences when you take a draw. It takes about a minute for it to heat up at first, although it’s well worth that small wait for the nice quality vapor you get.

This vaporizer has 5 different preset temperatures to choose from too. All of these different features make the Arizer Air an insanely efficient device. Honestly, this dry herb vaporizer will get you way more baked than smoking ever could, probably using way less too! It’s no wonder this is such a highly recommended device by a lot of users.

When it comes to the battery life, it’s pretty decent. However, this device uses 18650 batteries to operate. Meaning, if you already vape and have some of those laying around and an external charger, you’ll never have to worry about low batteries!

On top of all of this, this vaporizer is as durable as a rock. This makes it great for a beginner that wants something quality, but is scared of breaking or damaging it. Not to mention, it’s easy to clean! This is truly one of the best dry herb vaporizers for a beginner. It’s great for beginners and pros alike!

5. The PAX 2

Popular dry herb vaporizer that works great

A High Quality Dry Herb Vaporizer With A Lot Of Popularity…

Do the other vaporizer just not have what you’re looking for? Maybe the infamous PAX 2 has what you need. This device is easily one of the most recognizable devices among other users, mainly due to it’s crazy popularity. Really, these devices are extremely popular! The PAX 2 itself has a slick design that is super compact and portable…

The device uses conduction heating to vaporize your herbs and has 4 different temperature settings. When you use the PAX 2, you’ll notice it has a smooth draw and an amazing taste.

The vapor quality in general is fantastic! Especially for it being a conduction device, because usually convection devices have that advantage. Honestly, it’s kind of easy to see why this device is so loved and popular. It’s just that good!

This device is reliable and durable. It was actually built to last, and to provide a good experience for it’s users. The PAX 2 has nice battery life too, as well as being easy to maintain and clean. If you’re a beginner that wants a device to impress, the PAX 2 might be for you!

4. The Arizer V Tower (Desktop Vaporizer)

Desktop dry herb vaporizer for a beginner

An Inexpensive Desktop Vaporizer That’s Great For Getting Started…

Moving on, we get to the next choice, The Arizer V Tower. Unlike the vaporizers we went over already, this device is going to be a desktop dry herb vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers are usually very expensive, but are some of the best vaporizers you can get. 

However, The Arizer V Tower is really inexpensive for a desktop vaporizer and works like a charm too! Although, for some people, there might be a slight learning curve when they first start using it. 

The V Tower uses convection, so it evenly vaporizes your herb with no burning. Taking a draw it feels super smooth, while the vapor it produces taste pure. The design of this unit seems very durable and the metal is cool to the touch while the device is on.

Overall, if you plan on using a vaporizer at home and not being all portable with it, a desktop vaporizer might be for you. What they lack in portability, they make up for in power and quality. Plus, they’re pretty sweet for groups. The Arizer V Tower is a great desktop vaporizer for getting started because of it’s inexpensive price.

3. The Arizer Extreme Q (Desktop Vaporizer)

Beginner desktop dry herb vaporizer

An Inexpensive Desktop Powerhouse Made For A King…

You may have noticed that most of the really good desktop dry herb vaporizers will cost a fortune, however they honestly don’t have too. Enter the Arizer Extreme Q, a real champion among desktop vaporizers and another one of our all time favorites…

Putting this next to our previous choice, the Extreme Q is a definite upgrade. The controls for this device are very easy to use, it even comes with a remote to make it easier. The actual design of this unit is durable and looks flawless too! 

The Arizer Extreme Q uses convection heating to produce some incredible tasting, rich, quality vapor. When you take a draw from this device, it feels smooth and effortless. Plus, setting up the temperate is easy and can even be done quickly on the remote as well…

These are all nice little perks, but what really makes this device great is that it’s extremely efficient. As we said before, this is one device that will get you way more lifted than smoking ever could, using way less herb too. With it’s different attachments, it’s also great to use for groups or if you’re alone!

Overall, the Extreme Q is impressive and reliable. In our honest opinion, we would go as far as to say this device is one of the best. If you’re a beginner that’s willing to trade portability for a high quality experience, we fully recommend this device every time.

2. The Arizer Solo II Vaporizer

Hybrid dry herb vaporizer

A Durable and Quality Vaporizer With Long Lasting Battery. Can You Even Handle It..?

Getting back to the portable vaporizers, one of the more high end devices on our list is the Arizer Solo II. This device is a lot like the Arizer Air (#5) when it comes to taste, usability, and vapor quality. In other words, we found that those things were all really good…

We also really loved this device for a couple of other reasons. First of all, a complete beginner could use this vaporizer with very little trouble. It reminded us a lot of the Arizer Air, except with a few improvements thrown in the mix to make it even better.

The Arizer Solo II is another hybrid device, which means it uses both convection and conduction. This hybrid heating system is used to provide some of the cleanest and purest vapor quality you can get. Unlike the Air, it has a way faster heat up time too!

Other improvements in this device include a battery that can last around 3 times longer. This makes it much better for toking on the go. The airflow feels more improved too, allowing for a much smoother draw. Your also able to set the temp to your own liking.

This is also another device that is extremely efficient. Without beating around the bush, this device will seriously get you higher than smoking ever could, and you’ll be using a lot less of your flower too. Hitting this long and hard, you get some pretty fat clouds too!

With a durable design and longer lasting battery, the Solo II is a pretty good device for using in groups too. This is a favorite among beginners and pros alike. It’s a great tool if you’re a beginner looking for a solid device to start with.

1. The PAX 3

Best dry herb vaporizer for a beginner

One Of The Most Popular and Highly Recommended. A True Champion Among Others…

Last on our list is going to be the PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer. This vaporizer is compact, durable, and discreet. Although, it’s also one of the most popular devices on the market. Considering it’s such a powerful portable device, it’s crazy to believe that this thing is so easy to use too.

The PAX 3 uses conduction heating to vaporize your herbs. This device proves you don’t need convection for amazing taste and flavor, it’s one of the best in this regard. It produces nice quality vapor and has a pretty smooth draw. Not to mention, it has a pretty quick heat up time.

Like the PAX 2, it’s an incredibly easy device to load and clean. Although, with an improved battery life, the PAX 3 is sure to last you longer while you’re on the go!

Another improvement with the PAX 3 is that it can use dried herbs or concentrates. So if you really want a strong beginner dry herb vaporizer, then you really might want to check this vape out. The PAX 3 is known to be one of the strongest and most efficient devices available…

Because the PAX 3 is so efficient, you can take your high to the next level, using way less herb than you did before too. You’ll probably never go back to smoking again. Don’t forget, we shouldn’t even have to say what adding concentrates can do for you…

Most users will immediately recognize the PAX 3, but it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. If you’re willing to spend a decent amount for a really good dry herb vaporizer, then this is one of the best devices to use in general. And because it’s so easy to use, even a complete beginner can look like their an expert too!

Conclusion: Choosing A Beginner Dry Herb Vaporizer

When choosing a dry herb vaporizer, it’s critical you think about what options and features would be best for you. Otherwise, you might get stuck with a device your not too crazy about. Although, for those that are barely getting started, they might not even know what things to consider…

That’s why we tried to cover the most important things for a beginner to know in this article. We also fully recommend checking out our list. We tried to include and explain the different options and features of the devices on our list. Our goal is to help you decide if a vaporizer is right for you or not!

Speaking of the list, we did our best to include vaporizers that fit the different needs of each different individual. Not to mention, we tried to choose some of the most affordable devices! These are all pretty easy to use as well and would make for great beginner dry herb vaporizers

– If you found this helpful, remember to please give us a share! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to share those with us below! 

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  1. Awesome list, can definitely vouch for most of the choices. The boundless, solo, pax’s, and extreme Q are all some pretty dope devices especially. If you’re starting out I can see how most of these would be some great choices.

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