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Hello and welcome! We here at Dank Star Vapes are proud to have you as a reader! Our dedicated team is enthusiastic about bringing you some of the best vape/cannabis related news and information available.

The intent of this website is to provide a positive platform for people to be entertained, as well as to be educated.

Here we plan to open up many discussions about things such as: The benefits of vaping, the benefits of cannabis, the benefits of vaping cannabis…

We plan to answer commonly asked questions and provide a reliable source for cannabis and vape related information. We also intend to go deeper into the benefits of cannabis as well by discussing things not limited to THC, such as CBD.

Our main mission is to educate and inform individuals. By posting informative articles and reviews, we hope to accomplish a few things…

We hope to encourage current smokers to make the switch to vaping. We hope to encourage the discussion of cannabis and vape related subjects. We hope to educate and inform individuals about cannabis related alternatives as opposed to other types of medication..

However most of all, DankStarVapes hopes to grow into something truly special!