5 Simple Tips for Vape Batteries…

Many experienced vapers know to take good care of their batteries. However, for new vapers this might not be the case. To help, we’ve made a list of ways you can care for your batteries properly!

safety tips for vape 18650 batteries

What Makes Vape Batteries Different?

As you might already know, vape batteries are a bit different from the typical AA batteries you can find at your local gas station.

Actually, there are a few things that set them apart. The main difference being that vape batteries are actually much more stronger

See, unlike most battery powered devices, a vape need massive amounts of power to get going. This amount of power can be too much for regular old batteries.

Lucky for us, vape batteries are much more stronger so they manage to give us the power we need. However, with more power comes more responsibility…

Why Take Care Of Your Vape Batteries?

With most vape batteries, the trade off for power can be a bit risky. Why would it be risky? Well, they can be dangerous if they’re not properly taken care of… 

For example, you probably heard some stories about vapes blowing up. Yeah… it can happen. However, this is usually caused because the batteries within the vape aren’t being properly cared for…

Most vapes use lithium-ion batteries. With these batteries, when they get damaged or are subjected to extreme temperatures, it’s possible you can run into some problems.

Just think about it this way, if someone handed you an explosive, you would probably handle it carefully right… So, make sure to take care of your batteries cause they can explode too!

Not to mention, taking care of your batteries can extend the life of them and make them last longer… I mean, who doesn’t appreciate their batteries lasting longer?

5 Quick & Simple Tips For Vape Batteries…

Here, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you take care of your batteries properly and help you be safe. Not to mention, help you extend the life of the batteries and make them last longer!

Follow these simple steps below to help extend the life of your batteries and keep them in good working condition…

1. Don’t Let Your Batteries Overheat

hot vape batteries

To begin, we’ll start off with an important tip, pay attention to the temperature of your batteries. Even if they are inside of your vape, it doesn’t matter, keep an eye on them. More importantly, watch your batteries when it’s hot out.

On hot days for example, it’s probably not a good idea to leave your vape and batteries in the car or laying out in the sun. High temperatures can possibly ruin your vape batteries or even worse…

When a lithium-ion battery is exposed to high temperatures, it can cause it to become potentially dangerous. Usually, what’ll happen is the battery will catch on fire when it gets too hot. Before this happens though, a battery might start to bulge or make a hissing noise.

If that happens, you might want to move your vape to somewhere where nothing flammable is nearby. Usually, when storing your batteries, it’s better to store them in a cool, dark place.

2. Use The Correct Charger

Tips for charging vape batteries

As you probably already know, most vape mods can be charged using a USB charger. However, what you might not know is that it is not recommended to use any other charger other than the one your mod came with…

Cell phone and car chargers, for example, are sometimes used for charging vapes. The problem with this, however, is that vapes charge at a certain amperage. Most cell phone and car chargers often exceed this amperage and provide more power to the battery than is needed. This can damage or destroy the battery.

So pretty much, make sure your using the correct charger. Alternatively, you can get a charge device that is made for charging vape batteries in a safe manner. Just keep in mind, It’s not a phone you’re charging. To be safe, you always got to make sure you’re using the correct equipment for the job. Don’t improvise…

3. Don’t Overcharge Your Batteries

How to charge vape batteries safely - elush charger

Another thing to watch out for is overcharging your vape batteries. Overcharging your batteries could potentially shorten your batteries lifespan and have you going out to find replacements. This usually happens by leaving a fully charged vape plugged in.

Even though it’s fully charged, these batteries might continue to draw power. This can result in the batteries becoming damaged or destroyed.

However, one way to avoid this is by simply keeping an eye on the battery level while the vape is charging. Sometimes though, this can seem to be a bit of a hassle. Like at night when your just trying to go to bed for example…

If that’s the case, you might want to look into a charging device. Charging devices, like the one pictured above, help avoid this little problem by cutting off power to batteries once they’ve become fully charged. Which is great for those that want to slap a few batteries on the charger at night and have them ready by morning!

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4. Don’t Let Batteries Touch Metal Objects

Metal and 18650 vape batteries don't mix

Alright so this next tip is pretty simple. Do NOT let your vape batteries come into direct contact with metal objects. This can include things like keys, spare change, jewelry, etc…

One way contact can happen is by carrying loose batteries around in your pocket with some of these metal items. Another way this can happen is by placing or storing your lithium-ion batteries somewhere where metal is close by and could make contact.

When these batteries touch metal, it causes them to discharge. This could potentially result in a burnt pocket or even worse. However, If you’re really looking to carry around extra batteries, it’s definitely recommend to buy a battery case.

These can keep metal objects from touching your batteries, whether they’re being stored or being carried in your pocket. These are extremely inexpensive and are well worth getting. In fact, most say these cases are almost essential…

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5. Replace Batteries If They Get Damaged

Tips for damaged 18650 vape batteries

If your batteries are damaged, or they’re starting to act strange, you might just want to get them replaced. Honestly, it’s not a good idea to risk using faulty batteries. Especially when batteries are usually pretty inexpensive and can last a long time if they’re properly taken care of…

Another thing to look out for is physical damage to your batteries. For example, damage to the wrapping of your vape batteries. This can expose the metal underneath and cause this battery to become unsafe to use.

We get it though, sometimes things happen. There’s going to be times where you drop your batteries or they fall off the counter, and this might cause a little damage. It’s just that using these if they get damaged is not a good idea and not worth the risk.

Although, even if you take really good care of your vape batteries, they can ware down after a while. Usually, you’ll need to replace your old batteries about every year or two. It really depends on how often they were used…

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